Salsa Rueda de Casino


In the 1950s Salsa Rueda – or more accurately Salsa Rueda de Casino – was developed in Havana, Cuba.  These Salsa Ruedas contained pairs of dancers, each Rueda forming a circle (“Rueda” in Spanish means “Wheel”).  With dance moves called out by one person within the Wheel.  This caller can bring people towards him/her or away from him/her.  Making it is a dance with great forward and backward momentum, the fun comes when mistakes are made 😉

Rueda de Casino is a great way of bringing people together as you are always changing partners.  The calls are made for the leader to go forward, backward, show off his lady, move onto the next lady, move the lady to his right to his left.  There are endless moves.   To see how it is done you may like to watch some of the many videos on YouTube showing the variety of calls and moves.  

Try this link for just one!!!

Rueda in London 2018

Rueda de Casino is true Cuban Salsa, so the turns are more step based and earthy -unlike the Cross Body spinning turns.  Cuba is where the many dance styles came together and the roots of salsa began to grow.  Cuban Son and Afro-Cuban Rumba to name a few.

Rueda Calls

Each social group that enjoyed the fun of dancing Rueda de Casino used their own individual calls for the same or similar moves.  The most basic moves that we use when we first start to learn Rueda include:

Para el Medio – to establish the timing of the group

Abajo,  Arriba, Taro, Exhíbela, Dile Que No, Guapea, Enchufe, Dame and Adios.

If you are interested in learning and becoming part of a Rueda Social Sunday Club please let me know.  If we get enough interest then we can put this together for you.  Richard is our Rueda lover and he has volunteered to teach a few moves each Tuesday night within the Social to anyone interested.

There was a time, over three years ago, when a group of us met in Lechlade on a Thursday night and enjoyed two hours of Rueda – with Gus as our Teacher and Caller.  Richard was always involved in this and has a great knowledge of Rueda.

I don’t know where the time went to as the two hours just flew by and we all had massive grins on our faces at the end of each night.

Contact me on 07766265223 or pop in on a Tuesday night.

Many thanks