Salsa Dance Clubs

Below are the links to some Salsa Dance Clubs that we have travelled to and enjoyed many times.

We have been dancing salsa at these Salsa Dance Clubs over many years.  Most Salsa Dance Clubs begin the evening with one – two hours of Dance Classes and follow with a short amount of time for Freestyle Dancing.

We have two and a half hours every Tuesday in the main hall at Christchurch Community Centre, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3HB.  Two hours for classes and 30 minuets for social dancing.

Below are links to some of our favourite Salsa Dance Clubs.

Each Dance Club has it’s own style and way of teaching.  Alchemy Dance Academy teach Salsa On2 and Eternal Salsa Dance Club have always included dancing Bachata and Cha Cha Cha.  Abanico Dance Club has several venues and runs many events and Party Nights.  Angus Peters also guest teaches at salsa weekenders in the UK and overseas.

Most Dance Clubs will hold their own Party Nights where guest Teachers from other Dance Clubs will come along and deliver their own unique style of Class.

Many Dance Clubs now encourage their students to dance at performance levels and set up teams of dancers who will then visit other Dance Clubs and perform their wonderful shows.  I had the pleasure of performing with the Student Performance Group Fuego in 2014 trained by Basil Pinnock at Dance2Salsa.

I also trained with Eva Marunova and her Salsasistas on a Club Cha Cha Cha routine for 16 weeks to performance level.  It was amazing to watch the girls perform.

This is a wonderful opportunity to create dance club choreography with sharp musicality.  A chance for more team work and a great way of dressing up and having fun.  It will improve your dance technique and fitness levels.

Dance2Salsa Dance2Infinity – Maidenhead – Basil Pinnock

AlchemyDanceAcademy – Basingstoke – Marchant and Davina

Salsasouls – Bristol – Stellan Jara

Eternalsalsa – Bristol – Jooles

Abanicosalsa – Bristol – Angus Peters

Tamba and Emanuela of Salsache in Nottingham

Mauricio Reyes Latin Motion Birmingham

SalsaSistas on Facebook run by Eva Marunova

On Facebook as Bachata Oxford  – Sergio Fernandez and Katja

Rosa and Giles at On Salsa in Oxford

Robert and Jean White Mambo City 5 Star Congress

Salsa Swindon – Joy Maddison

Salsanativa – Swindon – Sally Marston

Salsasquad – Cheltenham – Paul Healey

Salsadelsol – Cheltenham – Thomas Melendez

Salsa Rocks Leeds

Yorkshire Salsa Congress