Social Salsa Dance Classes

Welcome to Social Salsa Dance Classes in Swindon.  

Social Salsa Dance Classes

Welcome to Social Salsa in Swindon and Thank You for your interest in our Social Salsa dance Club.  We are based HERE “In Swindon” and look forward to meeting you soon 🙂


Hello, we are still currently closed to help our Community and the NHS in reducing and slowing down the spreading of the Corona Virus.  Partner work Salsa is a close contact sport and social distancing is impossible.  We will reopen when we believe it is sensible to do so and will update this website at that time.  All the following information will also need to be updated at that time.  If you are a Facebook user, please “Like” and “Follow” our Page “Social Salsa in Swindon” to keep in touch.  We hope you are keeping well during this stressful time.  Our posts on Facebook are there to cheer everyone up and are dance, music and laughter related.  Thank you for your interest and wishing you all the very best.    


To put into effect your learning from all of our Classes, our next Social Salsa Party Nights are on Saturday 29 February, Saturday 30 May, Saturday 11 July and Saturday 3 October. 

At Social Salsa in Swindon we are delivering Social Salsa dance classes in 6 Class Courses for Beginner, Improver and Intermediate dancers.  Each class links to the next in a structured progression of moves and techniques.  As a result, your basic moves will become captured in your muscle memory.  Every week we will add one or two new moves and explain how your posture, frame and connection impact on the execution of these moves.


  • Level One is for beginners; those people new to Salsa dancing and anyone wishing to understand the timing and basic footwork.
  • Level Two is for beginners who understand the timing and basic footwork.  
  • Level three is for those dancers who have progressed with us and for those who already know the timing, basic steps, cross body leads and right and left turns.  In Level three we cover one and a half pivot turns and single spins amongst other moves.
  • Level four contains double spins, several new moves and linking complex combinations.
  • Level five links complex combinations and continues building on our pivot turns.

We invite you to Like and Follow our Page “Social Salsa in Swindon” on Facebook, it is up-to-date with our Events and Classes. 

Join us in Swindon every Tuesday 7.30pm-10.00pm to enjoy our Classes, Socialise and Dance Salsa.  

We are here to provide our Members with Classes that link together and quarterly Party Nights.  We provide 5 Levels of Classes from Beginners to Intermediates.

Salsa Classes

Social Salsa in Swindon promote learning on a regular basis and in groups of similar abilities.  We offer learning in a friendly, supportive and structured manner.  Encouraging all dancers to build a strong foundation of basic steps and essential techniques.

Once you have your basic steps, timing and footwork down we will add a few new moves each week.  Always revisiting the essential techniques of posture, frame and connection.

To learn any dance, alongside your classes, there needs to an amount of learning by doing. This is when you social dance and to encourage and enable this we provide time during our Tuesday nights for this practice.

Course Dates

Our course fees are excellent value at just one fee of £36.  This covers the 6 Classes and your social dancing time, it even enables you to take two classes in one evening!!

Our next block of 6 classes commence on Tuesday ……..   The details are:

6 x Tuesday Nights 7.30pm-10pm




Warm up and Classes for Levels 2 and 4
Social dancing for all levels

Classes for Levels 1, 3, and 5

Social Dancing and any questions

The cost is £36 and we greatly appreciate your course membership.

Pay as you go is also available at £8 per Tuesday.
If you have any questions please contact me Clare on 07766265223.


We have free parking on site, please park to the left of the Christ Church.  Then walk infront of the Church and you will see the Community Centre.  Now enter the Community Centre (via the front steps) and turn left into the Hall.

Tea, coffee and water is provided with our compliments throughout the evening.

We are a Social Salsa Club and invite you to social dance with us every Tuesday evening and during our Party Nights.  No partners are required we rotate the leaders and followers so we dance with everyone within each class.  To stay up to date you may wish to like and follow us on our Facebook Page “Social Salsa in Swindon”.

For more information please contact me on 07766265223.

Thank you for your interest in Social Salsa in Swindon and we look forward to meeting you soon 


Ben, Richard, Rob and Bela

Our Club Benefits:

  • Friendly, Supportive, and Enthusiastic Teachers
  • We teach in groups of similar abilities on a regular attendance basis (the best way to learn) with structured classes and levels
  • Your Course fee covers the entire evening
  • No partner required we rotate partners as a matter of course
  • There is time to practise and Social Dance
  • A Saturday or Friday Party Night is included
  • A great reason to dress up at the Weekend and enjoy a fun night out
  • Pay as you go is now available at £8 per Tuesday night
  • We offer regular Tuesday evenings for Dancing Salsa. An opportunity to make new friends and to catch up with current ones at your Social Salsa in Swindon Club
  • Complimentary water, tea and coffee are served throughout the evening to keep you going after a long day at work and during our Party Nights
  • Free parking close to our venue

Salsa Party Nights

Our Saturday Party Nights

commence at 7.30pm in Christ Church Community Centre, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3HB.  

Please put these dates in your diaries and help us to “spread the word”.  The more Dancers the Merrier!!

DATES for 2020!!

Saturday 29 February 2020

Saturday 30 May 2020

Saturday 11 July 2020

Saturday 3 October 2020

Info of our Parties held during 2018

6th January – Guest Teacher Basil Pinnock, Director of based in Maidenhead.

3rd February – Social Salsa in Swindon

13th March – Gary Thomas and Emily Jayne Turpin return from Latin Motion and Mamboleo Dance School in Birmingham

7th April – Guest Teacher Cedric Sureshkumar of Yo Salsa

5th May – Social Salsa in Swindon

16th June – Sergio Fernandez, Bachata Oxford

7th July – Lee Swift of Albanico Salsa in Warmley

4th August – Cedric Sureshkumar of Yo Salsa

1st September – Rosa and Giles from On Salsa in Oxford

6th October – Darran Brady of Love 4 Salsa in Bristol

3rd November – Social Salsa in Swindon

1st December – Marchant and Davina Salsa Superstars from Alchemy Dance Company.  We are delighted to announce they will be Teaching and Performing!!!!


Our Previous Party Nights include:

2017 dates:

4th February

4th March
1st April

3rd June
1st July guest Teachers Julie Jools and Andrew Lloyd from Eternal Salsa and Bachata in Almondsbury, Bristol.

no August

2nd September guest Teacher Sergio Fernandez from Bachata Oxford.

7th October guest Teachers Darran Brady and Vava from Love 4 Salsa, Bristol.

4th November guest Salsa Superstars Gary Thomas and Jayne Emily Turpin from Birmingham.  

2nd December guest Teachers Alex Fright and Hannah from Salsa Bristol.  Both performance dancers for Adolfo and Mambo City’s On2 Team. They are also performing in Italy, Spain and Germany.  Both performers with Gil and Shelley at Pexava in London.  Hannah is also a member and performer in the Karel Flores Team. Regular Teachers at Bristol Salsa.

Social Salsa Dance Classes