We have a Facebook Page “Social Salsa in Swindon”.  We invite you to Like and Follow us on this Page.

Our Facebook Page “Social Salsa in Swindon” is very informative and up-to-date.  There will be Events made for you to read and you may wish to Share the Event or post that you are Interested or Going.  

Social Salsa in Swindon

The Page is where you will find up to date information regarding Classes, Events, Party Nights and any changes to these Events.

Videos of dancers performing is also another type of post I would like to share with you.  So this can be quite an easy way of keeping in touch with opportunities in the Salsa World as well as having a bit of fun with entertaining posts and videos.

Facebook is a very helpful way of promoting events and I will be using the event option as much as I can as a gentle reminder as to what is available.

We are also on Twitter now at ClareCordingley@socialsalsaSWIN.

Another way to receive up-to-date information is to request putting your name on our mailing list.  You may make this request by using the “Contact Us” form on the Contact Us page.