Contact us to discuss which level of Class is best when you learn to dance salsa.

Contact us at Social Salsa in Swindon to find out more.  We are delivering Social Salsa dance classes in 6 Class Courses for Beginner, Improver and Intermediate dancers.  Each class links to the next in a structured progression of moves and techniques.  As a result, your basic moves will become captured in your muscle memory.  Every week we will add one or two new moves and explain how your posture, frame and connection impact on the execution of these moves.


Level One is for beginners; those people new to Salsa dancing and anyone wishing to understand the timing and basic footwork.

Level Two is for beginners who understand the timing and basic footwork.  

Level three is for those dancers who have progressed with us and for those who already know the timing, basic steps, cross body leads and right and left turns.  In Level three we cover one and a half pivot turns and single spins amongst other moves.

Level four contains double spins, several new moves and linking complex combinations.

Level five links complex combinations and continues building on our pivot turns.

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Social Salsa in Swindon