About Us and our Salsa Classes

Salsa Classes

We are a group of friendly, and enthusiastic social salsa dancers who enjoy passing on our passion of salsa through Salsa Classes.  The aim is to use our experience, knowledge and commitment to deliver structured classes at a sensible pace.  We are HERE “In Swindon” to invite you to learn and dance Salsa locally.

Rueda de Casino Class
Rueda de Casino Class

Our aim is to dance more in our home Town of Swindon so we have come together and formed “Social Salsa in Swindon”.

Our Saturday Party Nights are where you can put into effect your new skills and meet other dancers.  

Salsa is a beautiful rhythmic dance.  The quick, quick, slow rhythm makes the dance smooth and flowing.  Or you can exaggerate the breaks in the music and the accents of the instruments to add an edge to the smoothness.  It can sound Cuban, Jazzy or Latino.  The tempo can be slow, moderate or fast.

cropped-11060252_1014685451877601_2450841210806615869_o-e1442689897878.jpgThe range and mix of music is endless.

The benefits of salsa dance as a means of exercise for the body and mind are many.  It is an aerobic form of exercise, you will get hot and breathless!!!!  Good balance and posture is preferred.  Muscle memory and body memory become second nature.  We build new neural pathways as we learn new moves.  A challenge for the mind and body.  We learn by doing, through making mistakes and via repetition. 

For the ladies (as followers) there is a great use of turns and spins.

For the leaders there is hand to eye co-ordination needed in every move and you will always be busy thinking of your next move or two.  Great for keeping your brain working in a fun way.

We are working towards raising the profile and availability of Salsa – and encouraging more people in and around Swindon to start learning and dancing Salsa.  We hope you will join us and look forward to meeting you soon.