Welcome to Social Salsa in Swindon!!!

We are a friendly, supportive and enthusiastic group of Social Salsa dancers. Every Tuesday we come together to provide Salsa Classes, laugh and chat with friends and Dance Salsa.   

We invite you to Learn and Dance Salsa in the beautiful Community Centre which is next door to Christ Church in Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3HB.

Please Like and Follow our Page “Social Salsa in Swindon” on Facebook it is up-to-date with our Events and Classes.

Do join us every Tuesday, 7.30pm-10pm, to take Classes, Socialise and Dance Salsa.  Our next Salsa and Bachata Party Night is on Saturday 6th October from 7.30pm. 

We are here to provide our Members with Courses of 6 Classes that link together, one of which is delivered during our monthly Party Night.  We provide 4 Levels of Classes from Beginners to Intermediates. 

Our next set of 6 Classes starts on Tuesday 4th September.

The Class dates are:

4, 11, 18, 25 Sept and 2 Oct.  The 6th Class is on Saturday 6th October during our Party Night at 8pm.

 We look forward to meeting you soon.  Here is a recap of our services:


  • Structured Classes with Friendly, Supportive and Enthusiastic Teachers

  • You may take 2 Classes (2 Levels) for no extra cost 

  • There is time to Social Dance from 9.30-10pm 

  • Tuesday Nights are from 7.30-10pm

  • Tuesday Classes are on: 

     4, 11, 18, 25 Sept and 2 Oct.  

  • The 6th Class is on Saturday 6th October during our Party Night at 8pm.

  • 7.30pm start for Levels 4 and 2

  • 8.30pm start for Levels 4.5, 3 and 1  

  • Level 1 is our Beginners Class at 8.30pm

  • (Our Saturday Party Nights start at 7.30pm with an 8pm class)

  • We are a Social Salsa Club.  Our goal is to provide Members with a regular Tuesday evening for Dancing and learning with new and current friends  

  • We provide and serve free tea, coffee and water to keep you going after a long day at work

  • We provide Party nights so you have a long period of time to freestyle dance and practice what you have learnt.  When you are fresh at the weekend and not tired after Classes on a Tuesday.  A great time to dress up at the weekend and enjoy a fun Saturday night out

  • You may also attend our Beginners’ Classes at the Pavilion Hall in Lechlade, GL7 3AY for no extra charge during your registered course.  Lechlade classes are on Wednesday at 8pm.

  • Our Courses are excellent value at £36 and there is a further discount when paid in advance.  Our Saturday Party Nights are £9 to non-members

  • Please What’s App or text me for bank transfer details on 00447766265223. Our Courses are £30 when paid in advance.

  • Each Level includes your footwork, technique and skills that you will need to accomplish before moving onto the next Level.  Our Courses are structured to enable you to achieve this


We invite you to try Salsa and enjoy the fun of learning a new skill.  We will support and encourage you all the way.  Salsa Dancing is uplifting and a great way to increase your activity levels.  You will make new friends and enjoy a fun night out.  No partner required we rotate partners as a matter of course., 

Don’t worry too much about what to wear as it will become clear once you have tried a Class.  

However, leather soled footwear will aid your turning and spinning movement.  

We teach in groups of similar abilities on a regular attendance basis as this is the best way to learn.     

If you have any questions please give me a call or text on 00447766265223.

We thank you for your interest in Social Salsa in Swindon and look forward to meeting you soon.

Our following Course starts on Tuesday 9 October.    The dates are 9, 16, 23, 30 October and 6 November.  

The 5th Class is on Saturday 3rd November during our Party Night.

Many thanks

Clare Cordingley



We are also hosting Monthly Saturday Salsa and Bachata Party Nights.  Where you can enjoy putting your learning into practice.

Our Salsa and Bachata Saturday Party Nights commence at 7.30pm in Christ Church Community Centre, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3HB.  Just up the road from the Magic Roundabout, pass the Merlin Pub on your right, go over the small roundabout and turn sharp left as the road bends to the left.  

Please put these dates in your diaries and help us to “spread the word”.  The more Dancers the Merrier!!

Our following Salsa and Bachata Party Night Dates past and present are:

January 2018 – Basil Pinnock from Dance2Infinity in Maidenhead.

3rd February 2018 – Social Salsa in Swindon

Moved to Tuesday 13th March 2018– The return of Salsa Superstars Gary Thomas and Emily Jayne Turpin from Latin Motion and Mamboleo Dance School in Birmingham

7th April 2018– Guest Teacher Cedric Sureshkumar of Yo Salsa

5th May 2018– Social Salsa in Swindon

16th June 2018 – The return of Sergio Fernandez, Bachata Oxford

7th July 2018– Lee Swift of Albanico Salsa in Warmley

4th August 2018– Cedric Sureshkumar of Yo Salsa

1st September 2018 – Rosa and Giles from On Salsa in Oxford

6th October 2018 – Darran Brady of Love 4 Salsa in Bristol

3rd November 2018 – Social Salsa in Swindon

1st December Christmas Party 2018 – Marchant and Davina Salsa Superstars from Alchemy Dance Company.  We are delighted to announce Marchant and Davina will be Teaching and Performing!!!!  



Saturdays in 2019!!!
9 feb 2019 – Cedric Sureshkumar
16 March 2019 – Basil Pinnock
20 April 2019- Adetayo Adebayo
25 may 2019 – Lee Swift
29 june 2019
3 August 2019 
7 sept 2019 – Cedric Sureshkumar
12 oct 2019 – Basil Pinnock
16 nov 2019
21 dec 2019