Contact us to discuss which level of Class is best when you learn to dance salsa.

If you are totally new to Salsa then that is great!!!!  Join us from Level One.

If you have a few moves, been a few times but never to the same place or on a regular basis.  That’s also great!!!  Contact us and again join us from Level Two.  That way we make new friends as we progress and have all the information from the beginning.

If you have been dancing but just can’t get your feet where you want them.  That’s great!!!!   Come and learn at a pace that makes sense.  Start again at Level One.

If you have been dancing, your feet go where you want them to but your arms are not quite behaving themselves then Level Two is for you.  That’s great – contact us – and come aboard!!!!

If you are dancing already and have the basic Cross Body Lead under your belt but need to understand what you are doing then Level Three will be for you.  That’s great!!!!  Contact us and join the next course.

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We also have a Facebook group Social Salsa in Swindon where you can see how our Club is evolving.  Please feel free to join the group.