Welcome to Social Salsa in Swindon:

Tuesdays To Freestyle @ Social Salsa


Tuesdays To Take Salsa Dance Classes.

Do join us this Tuesday 30th August to socialise and dance salsa.  

 Also available throughout the year are classes where you can learn to dance Salsa in groups of similar abilities.  Thank you to those dancers who have already enrolled on our courses.  There is still time to join us on our courses  – either call or text me for details or come along on the night, I will be there from around 7.15pm.  

From Tuesday 13th September our timing will change and we will offer Beginners’ Plus and Improvers’ Plus at 7.30-8.30pm.  So Levels 4 and 2 will run in the first hour.

In our second hour Improvers’ and Beginners’ will commence at 8.30-9.30pm.  So Levels 3 and 1 will run in the second hour.

Our Courses cost £36 for the 6 weeks and are to be paid for in advance – you can pay by bank transfer, cash or cheque.  Each Level includes skills and steps that you will need to accomplish before moving onto the next Level.  Our Courses are structured to enable you to achieve this.  

Level 4 is also available on a drop-in based at £8 per class (this includes the option of taking the Level 3 class on the same night).   As a competent Level 4 dancer you will benefit from the practice in Level 3 and you will also assist our Level 3 dancers in taking their class.  For our students that wish to continue using the Course base option Level 4 may also be taken as a Course of 6 weeks for £36 when paid for in advance.  

To compliment our Classes we are also providing a Wicked Week 7 night – as a pause between Courses. This is a time for all dancers to come together and try out/practice the skills they have been learning throughout the previous 6 weeks. The evening is still structured as we realise that two hours free styling at this stage of your dance development is too much for most of us, so it is broken up throughout the night and interspersed with Rueda, warm ups and fun classes.

We have a “Wicked Week 7 Tuesday Party Night” on 6th Sept, 25th Oct, and 13th Dec. 

On Tuesday 20th December we will be holding our first Christmas Party and see this as an opportunity for all our members and their friends to celebrate Christmas together.

We are also hosting Saturday Salsa Party Nights, we hope you will join us in this lovely Community Hall where dancers from all of Swindon and the surrounding areas can come together and dance salsa.

Our next Saturday Party Night

is 17th September.  Do “Save the Date” and come along, we start with a short (get-to-meet-everybody) Rueda Class for all levels, followed by your choice of an Improvers’ or a Beginners’ Salsa Class.  Then Musica!!!! where we play some great Salsa tracks and the occasional Bachata and Kizomba track too.

Our following Saturday Party Nights are:

17 September and 12 November. 

Next year we aim to bring in guest Teachers and our dates are:

First Saturday of the month (bar January)

14th January
4th February
4th March
1st April
29th April (NOT 6th May as unavailable)
3rd June
1st July
5th August
2nd September
7th October
4th November
2nd December 2017



Welcome to Social Salsa in Swindon, we are a friendly, fun-loving and enthusiastic group of salsa dancers.  Each Tuesday we come together to provide salsa classes, socialise and dance salsa.

We open at 7.30 pm and from 7.30-9.30 pm there will be music playing in the Main Hall and the dance floor will be available for free style dancing (social salsa).  Entrance is complimentary to those attending any of our courses – and just £3 for social salsa dancers and their friends.  Tea, coffee and water is offered with our compliments.  There is free parking and you may bring your own drinks and nibbles.

Our next Beginners’ and Improvers’ courses of 6 weekly classes commence on Tuesday 26th July.

For our courses you can pay by cash or cheque (or via Bank Transfer if you text or call me for details).  You pay only £36 for the six weeks.

We are delivering salsa dance classes in 6 week courses.

Each class links to the next in a structured progression of moves and techniques, we are in collaboration with Basil Pinnock, www.Dance2Salsa.co.uk.

Each week your moves will feel more comfortable and your collection of moves will be added to.

You will understand the important foundations of Cross Body Salsa and be able to implement the moves whilst free styling.  Questions are always welcomed and encouraged.  We encourage you to dance after and before the classes as it is the action of putting your learning into practice that ensures your knowledge becomes consolidated into your dance development.

At the end of each 6 weeks we shall hold a Tuesday Party Night to give you an opportunity to consolidate your moves and techniques. There will be a warm up and structure to the evening and we aim to have lots of fun!!!

Our Classes will be held at Christchurch Community Centre in Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3HB.

The class for beginners starts at 8.30pm.  We invite you will join us before the class and enjoy the social side of meeting other dancers in the main hall.

The Improvers’ class begins at 7.30 pm for dancers who have progressed with us or who already know the basic steps.  The Improvers’ class covers pivot turns and single spins.

If you have a desire to learn salsa then please go for it.  We have all been where you are now.  As with learning all new skills it takes; time, desire and commitment to achieve your goals.  Learning through repetition, on a regular basis, in groups of similar abilities.  Practicing your moves and adding onto your knowledge base each week will give you the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary for your individual dance development.  It just takes that first step of deciding to start the course.

We hope you will choose to do so and look forward to meeting you soon.

If you have any questions please give me a call or text on 07766265223.

All the best,

Clare Cordingley

We also have a Facebook Page and Group which you may like to join to receive up-to-date information.